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Season 40: Unstoppable will be a landmark moment for the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus, with the Lavender Pen Tour to five southern states, an incredible holiday show of new favorites, a tour send-off and homecoming, and “Unbreakable” — a commissioned new work by Andrew Lippa. 

Be a part of Season 40 by joining our BELIEVERS CIRCLE. As part of the Circle, you’ll enjoy season tickets to our concerts, as well as exclusive benefits that bring you even closer into our family. And new for Season 40 - join the Believers Circle as a CO-PRESENTER!

If you're interested in joining the Believers Circle, please email Demetri Rizos, Director of Development, at demetri.rizos@sfgmc.org or call (415) 865-3650. 


CO-PRESENTER [$15,000]
Joseph Czuberki

DIAMOND [$10,000]
Joseph Bondi
Terrence Chan + Edward Sell
Sean Livingston + Jeremy Pelkey
Paul Saccone + Ryan Knight

RUBY [$7,500]
Christine Benzler-Lew
André Farris

EMERALD [$5,000]
Peter Drake + Jared Moreno
Steve Huffines

SAPPHIRE [$2,500]
Bruce Carpenter
John E. "Jed" Davies
Glenn DeSandre + Pierce Gould
Justin Donahue
Nick Harper
Gregory Marks
Michael Tate
Aditya Wresniyandaka

PEARL [$1,200]
Dr. Timothy Seelig + Dan England
Christopher Verdugo